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Long Range Plan of the Hawaii National Guard Association

Jan 2000


HNGA’s five-year long-range plan focuses the direction of the association on issues of highest priority for our board and membership. All programming and budgeting decisions are made within the context of the long-range plan. It is not an attempt to describe what HNGA is or everything we do. The plan is an evolving document which is reviewed annually by the Long Range Planning Committee and Executive Council with input from the membership throughout the association. While elements of the plan do not dramatically change each year, this annual review assures an opportunity for HNGA to modify its direction when a changing environment indicates the need.

Mission Statement

To support Article II, Purpose, as defined in the Bylaws of the Hawaii National Guard Association and expand its horizon, the following is stated:

1. To strengthen the National Defense.

2. To further the interest of the Hawaii National Guard.

3. To promote the sound organization and development thereof.

4. To promote and support adequate National Security.

5. To preserve and perpetuate the history and traditions of the Hawaii National Guard.

6. To further the educational opportunities of young people.


Objectives of HNGA

Government Relations Goals

Expand HNGA’s involvement in government relations.

1. Expand the awareness of the National Guard to local, state, and national government

leaders and the news media.

2. Continue to pursue the acquisition of the latest state-of-the-art equipment which parallels

the active component.

3. Continue to assess the political environment and its impact on the National Guard.

Membership Goals

1. Improve HNGA membership and obtain 100 percent participation.

2. Improve membership incentives.

3. Improve the HNGA awards program.

4. Improve the public image of HING.

5. Improve the HNGA communication process to members.

6. Improve retirees’ participation in HNGA.

7. Improve Junior Grade Officers and Warrant Officers participation in HNGA.

8. Support family issues to include HNGA and Guard benefits.

9. Improve the ESGR program.

10. Improve on source revenue to HNGA.

Educational Goals

Internal Operations Goals

1. Establish and annually review HNGA resources.

2. Continue to develop procedures to improve HNGA staffing and operations.

3. Continue to support the Adjutant General in areas of mutual interest and benefits.

4. Seek ideas and suggestions to improve HNGA.

Military History Goals

Minority Goals